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Damion’s Birthday Gift

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We had a remarkable little visitor the other day–Damion. He came in and handed Maggie a Ziploc baggie full of change and dollar bills. This year, for his birthday, Damion requested that all of his friends and family give him money in lieu of other gifts. He wanted money because he intended to give it away to someone in need. (Amazing, I know!) It just so happened that his first philanthropic choice just didn’t work out. It was disappointing to him, but then he heard about Maggie’s Month and knew that that was were he wanted his money to go. Damion sponsored almost 2 whole dives for Maggie. WOW! Damion, we are amazed at the bigness of your little heart. We all have a lot to learn from your example. Thank you! Love, Maggie’s Mom and Dad


Cedar and Tannen Read for Maggie

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Cedar and Tannen doing Therapy with Maggie

To our little friend Maggie,

During the past year we have been coming over to do therapy once a week to help your brain grow. At first we did things like press hot and cold rags on your arms and massaged your arms and legs to wake up the nerves. You could not crawl, use a spoon, or color. It has been a little over a year and now you can do all those things and a lot more!!
We have watched you improve so much over the past year, it is amazing and we love spending time with you!

Now you have the opportunity to do a new therapy that may help you do even more and we are so excited to see what will happen. We love you so much and are happy to help in anyway we can.  We are both doing a Read -O-Thon, this month as well as selling Maggie’s note cards at our dance studio boutique on Saturday, Oct. 23 to help raise money.  It has been a lot of fun getting pledges from neighbors, family and friends because we get to tell people about our little friend that is so close to our hearts.  Even our little brother Ash has jumped on board and is collecting coins in a jar doing odd jobs and extra reading to contribute too!

We love you, Maggie!

Maggie's Friend, Cedar and Tannen

Cedar and Tannen

Building with Love

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Hello Palmers,

Aunt Nanette here. We’re finishing the basement in our new house and would like to dedicate an amount for each screw we use to Maggie’s Month. Uncle Boe, Ben and the rest of us will feel a little more love going into the building of our home.

Love you!

Aunt Nanette

6th Grade Read-a-thon

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Dear Maggie,

Our sixth grade class is interested in doing a read-a-thon to support your dives. The kids would really like to meet you. It would help the project become more personal for them. Maybe we can even invite the parents that day. Is there anyway you can come visit us?


Love, Our Sixth Grade

The Gift of a Life

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Very often, when I tell someone that I have a daughter with cerebral palsy they say something like, “Oh, I’m so sorry.” I feel very patient and compassionate about that response because, well it’s hard to know what to say to someone who’s child is disabled. But once in a great while someone comes along who says something like, “Wow, that is so beautiful. What a blessing for you!” And, I think to myself, here’s a person who really gets it. They get that life is beautiful, in whatever package it comes in, and for however long we are able to hold onto it. We forget that our associations with each other are sacred. I wanted to share one of my favorite reminders that life is beautiful, and worth every moment. Love can hurt so badly and bless us more than we can hold all at the same time . . . and it’s good, it’s very, very good. Here’s 99 Balloons.


Maggie’s Mom

Jone’s Family Bean Jar

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Our girls have pledged 2 dives for Maggie. We are going to have a bean jar to keep track of how much money they earn. We filled a jar with 300 beans which were left over from a fourth grade project. We will move the beans into the other jar as the girls do good deeds and extra chores.

The girls are really excited to help Maggie.


Greg and Joni with Natalie (15), Madison (12), Sophia (8), Avery (5)

Maggie March 5K Walk/Run

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I am organizing a walk/run for those that want to come and donate as a fundraiser. We are calling it the Maggie March. Details are still being worked out but we are planning it for the the 23rd of October at 10am. People will probably need to wear their jackets and run/walk quickly to stay warm, but I hope it will be successful. I have already received some donated prizes including 2 season tickets to the Empress Theater in Magna. Maggie, we all love you!



A Soldier Gives from Afghanistan

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Dear Friends, family, and distant supporters,

Today I have the opportunity to “pay it forward’ by helping out one of my best friends and biggest supporters throughout my life.

I met Jodie when I was 17 years old. Struggling in every way a teenager can struggle, she poured her heart, energy, friendship and time into helping me find my way through one of the most difficult periods of my life. Though it’s taken me 13 years to find a way to pay her back, I hope you will help me begin that process today.

Well friends, I have already donated to sponsor one of Maggie’s treatments, but I’m counting on all of YOU to help me do so much more than that. If I can make this happen from Afghanistan, YOU, my dear friends, can make it happen from home!

I’m totally bummed that I won’t be able to participate in the photo-posting and story sharing on Maggie’s website, as I’m currently deployed, but this is where YOU come in, and help ME help MAGGIE! Maggie’s website is completely interactive and encourages you to share the story and photos of what YOU are doing over the course of a month to raise the money for one of Maggie’s treatments.

My dear friends, I challenge each and every one of YOU to jump on board and become and ACTIVE participant in making a little girl’s dreams come true! I owe the world to Jodie, but even more than that, WE owe the world to her beautiful baby girl. I look forward to logging on to Maggie’s website and reading about everything YOU’VE done to help ME pay it forward, by helping Maggie!

Please repost this note to your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blog, college bulletin board etc… let’s see how much of a difference WE can make in Maggie’s life!

I love and miss you all, to the moon and back. Please help me pay it forward to someone who has gone out of her way to support every dream I’ve managed to catch in my life!


Little Sam’s Gift

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We’re in Salt Lake City and my son, Sam, is five years old. We read about Maggie and he is interested in helping her. Sam has an ice cream stand every couple of weeks. He would like to donate his proceeds from September 23 (next Thursday) to one of Maggie’s “dives”. It is usually around $15. It won’t complete a dive, but we hope it will help!

He also wants to give her a free ice cream sandwich and a present.

Sam’s Mom

Grandma’s Party

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I am Maggie’s grandma. Her grandpa and I love her so much! We really want to help her all we can. So, we are going to have a Maggie party and invite all our friends. Everyone is going to share a goodie and pay an entrance fee. We are going to have entertainment and it should be a ball!

Mary Ann Johnson – The Closet Coach
Educational Mentor & Family Support