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Party of the Century!!

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The party of the century, Maggie’s Royal Ball, was Tuesday evening. I’ve been at an unusual loss for words as I’ve thought about how to describe this incredible experience to all of you, and express our thanks to everyone who worked so hard to pull it off so beautifully.

Princess Maggie & Princess Amerah

As Doug and I walked in we were speechless at the beauty, and the special attention given to the smallest of details. The ball was held at Noah’s Event Center. A supremely elegant facility, worthy of the most beautiful princesses. Hard wood floors, a winding staircase, vaulted ceilings, magical windows, glittery lights galore, and tables with silky tablecloths and pretty pink flowers.

Maggie was crowned with a beautiful pink tiara, which just wouldn’t cooperate and stay on her head. So, Jack decided to claim it as his own. He’ll add it to his treasured pink stroller, little baby dolls, and pink baseball cap. We were greeted by a beautiful poster of Maggie and Princess Amerah welcoming all the guests.

I regret that I didn’t get a picture of the beautiful spread of tiny frosted cupcakes, cookies, and pink lemonade before they were enjoyed to the last crumb. You’ll see those lonely crumbs just to the left of these last few cookies (which we took home with us, lucky guys).

When the guests arrived they were given raffle tickets to place on their favorite choice of a table full of donated items. The grand prize was a Princess Amerah party. The winner of the party was a beautiful little princess that was so beside herself with joy that it was worth the evening just to witness that.


The Raffle Table
The Big Raffle Give-Away

Along the walls were various games like the Dress-up Relay Race, Evil Nanny Olga Bean Bag Toss, and the Tiara Toss, which little Lee did a fabulous job of managing. He dutifully handed out candy to the winners who were able to get the tiara on the pole. Jack was a happy winner of an orange lollipop, which you will see in pictures throughout this post.

Maggie’s favorite activity was the face painting by Changing Faces.

There was also the “Make Maggie a Card” station. All the participants were invited to draw a picture with a special message for Maggie. At the end of the evening Maggie was presented with a binder brimming with messages of love, hope and inspiration.

Cards for Maggie

One of my favorite parts was the dancing. Each prince and princess was given a dance card to wear around their wrist. It was a fun party favor. Dance instruction was given by the Old Gory Vintage Dancers.

Of course there came the special dance with Prince Charming.

Maggie & Prince Charming

There wasn’t a dry eye in the place as they danced. Thank you Mr. Prince Charming. Click HERE if you can’t see the video below.

Jack was was having the time of his life dancing. Click HERE if you can’t see the video below.

Of course we can’t forget Story Time with Princess Amerah.


Story Time with Princess Amerah

There was a point in the evening where I was given the opportunity to introduce Maggie and tell the guests a little more about her story, and the therapy that this whole event would be sponsoring.


Introducing Maggie

Another amazing gift were the BookIt Photographers that took pictures of all the guests. You can see other pictures that they took of the evening HERE. We’ve never had a family photo of all 5 (gulp) of us. So we were especially thankful for this gift.


The Joyful Palmers

Jack and Maggie

Mary & Maggie

Then came the big unveiling. How much did the evening bring in for Maggie’s therapy?


Preping the Check

$2700 at the last count I heard. I just have my head in my hands in awe, and wonder, and gratitude.


The Check

I don’t know them all, and I know that there are some that will be missing here, but I wanted to share with you some of the faces of the volunteer angels that made this event possible.


Our Facepainter

Volunteer Angels

More Volunteer Angels

And More Volunteer Angels

Our Raffle Girl

More, More, More!

And finally, our patron Angels. Thank you dear friends for having this vision, and enough love to make it happen. This ball was the tipping point for achieving our goal of 80 dives for Maggie. We did it! (But don’t stop now, there’s more to do. See our next post.)


Our Patron Angels

Princess Amerah . . . you put on one smashing party! Thank you. Gi’me Five!


We Did It, We Did It, We Did It!



Maggie Cards Boutique

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Thank you to Maggie’s dear girl-friends for making and selling Maggie Cards at a recent Miss Margenes Creative Classroom Holiday Boutique!

Tannen, Macey, Cedar, Leah

Cedar and Tannen do therapy for Maggie every week. Macey and Leah are regular “Maggie Sitters.” Maggie loves you guys! Thank you.

We Did It! We Did It! We Did It!

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“We did it, we did it, we did it!”

-Jack (little brother) Palmer

Jack claiming his favorites at Maggie's garage sale





Yes, we did! We made it through our first day of HBO therapy. Maggie was brave, and smiling, and talking up a storm to our tech.

Maggie's First HBOT Dive

She enjoyed a rousing hour of Clifford the Big Red Dog. Lucky duck. She get’s to watch a beautiful, uninterrupted hour of cartoons everyday. Or, maybe I’ll just consider her a captive audience. Baawwwhhaaa, what shall she watch? The Secret Garden, The Velveteen Rabbit, The Little Tin Soldier? Let’s just call this the “classics power hour.”

I think we got some good video for our documentary film. Doug and I are doing a daily video journal. That should be interesting . . . and revealing.

Here we go everyone, one down 79 to go!

Our First Dive–TODAY!

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Today is the day! Maggie will be making her first dive at 1:15 MST today.

Here’s an extra fun tidbit. We’ve decided to make a documentary of Maggie’s experience through the next 6 months (we welcome any advice). We think it will turn out to be a really valuable resource for other parents with special needs kids, and it will be so fun for all of you donating angels to see the fruits of your generosity. Who knows, maybe we’ll be at Sundance next year. Or, we could just end up on America’s Funniest Videos. Whatever.

Here’s Maggie, all ready for her first dive, goggles and all. (goggles just for effect)

Dive little girl, dive!

Princess Amerah Visits Maggie

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Princess Amerah came to visit Maggie.

Princess Amerah and Maggie

Of course she arrived in a beautiful carriage and was escorted to the door by her Prince in Shining Armor.

We just want to remind you that the clock is ticking to register for Maggie’s Ball. Don’t miss this amazing, memory making event. Boys and girls, moms and dads are welcome. There will be activities and treats. If you have a tiara and a princess twirlie skirt, or a sword and stead bring them. If not, just bring yourself.

Here is your official reminder.

Make It For Maggie!–Updated

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Here’s a Kick Butt idea from my dear friend, Tracy Ward in Idaho. Please visit Tracy’s blog HERE.

We have finished our plans and our excited to announce our Maggie’s Month project!

Please join us on November 6th from 1:00 – 10:00 at

Make it for Maggie: Super Saturday Extreme Edition

How it works? Each person pays $15 to get in the door and you can take as many or as few classes as you wish. If you are doing any of the sewing projects, you need to provide your own fabric and machine (if you don’t have a machine, let us know and we will find one for you!) and patterns will cost $1 – $2 extra. There will be yummy snacks throughout the day and a delicious potluck dinner of soups, salads, and breads will be served at 6 p.m. At 8:00 p.m. there will be an ice cream sundae bar (you know I LOVE ice cream, right?) We have youth donating babysitting and ask that in leu of paying them, you make an additional donation to Maggie’s Month. You must register and pay by October 30, but you will want to register early to be sure you get into the classes you most want.

make it for maggie – new info!

Our Make It For Maggie event is coming together and is going to be fabulous! This post has new photos, class descriptions, and oodles of information you need, so PLEASE read the whole post to make sure you don’t miss a single thing.

Make It For Maggie will be held at 2055 S. Ammon Road, the Stake Center (church building) on Ammon Road in between 17th Street and Sunnyside.

Here is the updated schedule:


What are you waiting for? Register today and make sure you get the classes you want! Email Kat at or me at and tell us the classes you want, the sizes you need for sewing patterns, and any food you would like to bring from the menu down below. Mail checks payable to Katherine Jensen at 3506 Greenfield Dr., Ammon, ID 83406.

If you have already registered and would like to change your classes, please email Kat at or me at

Class Descriptions

Twirl Skirt – Pattern will be available in whatever size you specify

Learn how to make this adorable skirt with two options: either with the strips of different fabrics or just one middle piece.


Home Camera 006

Wear Forever Dress Size 6 months – 3T

Okay, you can’t really wear it forever, but three+ years is a pretty long time. The ingenious strap and buttoning system allows it to grow with your child for a really long time. Come and learn how to make one for the little girl in your life.

Model in the pictures below is the lovely Jain who is nearly four and it still fits!





Adult Wrap-Around Skirt

If any of you know Kat well, you have seen her wear her brown skirt. You can wear it when you are thin, pregnant, postpartum, overindulged, or on a great work-out plan. It just keeps fitting!

Home 082

Home 081

Roll-up Market Bag

This bag is generously sized to hold plenty. Rolls up compactly to fit in pocket or purse so it’s always handy. Tote’s self-fabric tab with snap closure keeps it securely rolled when not in use. Measures 19 1/2″ W x 27″ H. Makes a perfect library bag, farmer’s market bag, or grocery bag and will hold an entire paper bag’s worth of groceries.



Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Every mom needs a baby carrier and mei tais are easy to make, easy to use, and enable you to carry your baby from birth to three+ years. This class will teach you how to make a Ball Baby Carrier, which is Kimber Tower’s pattern. I use this carrier and LOVE it. I have even sewn one of these carriers and if I can do it, anyone can!

Here is one of Keziah as a seven-year old carrying Annesley:


Here is the one I made:


Whole Wheat Bread Making

Learn how to make delicious bread that your family will love for pennies compared to what you pay at the store!

Marinara Sauce & Breadsticks

Mary Beth’s marinara sauce is quick and easy and so yummy you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this deliciousness. Learn how to make it and then go home and tempt your family’s taste buds.

Mexican Tortillas & Fresh Salsa & Beans

Laura is an amazing mother of two and creator of scrumptious, authentic Mexican food. I could eat her food every single day and never grow tired of it. She will be teaching us how to make her famous tortillas, salsa, and beans. Come and enjoy her delightful personality and learn how to make these staples of the Mexican diet.

Cracker Class

Carol will be teaching us how to make graham crackers and wheat thins. Homemade crackers are the best! Save money and get peace of mind by only putting ingredients that you can pronounce into your family’s bodies.

April’s Easy and Yummy Beans + 101 Things To Do With Lentils

April’s beans are my favorite. I LOVE them. She is coming to teach us how to make them and have them on hand for your family to use every day. She promises that they are super easy and anyone can make them.

Kari makes lentils taste divine. Come learn how to make this cheap legume a featured item in your family’s diet. She will have some samples on hand for you to taste test…yummm!

Raw Foods

Raw foods are delicious, nutritious, enzyme-packed, great for your digestive system, and more creative than you ever dreamed of. Come learn how to make eating raw fit with your lifestyle and reap the benefits of more energy, weight loss, and improved health!


Sprouting grains and legumes increases the protein, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids your body gets. Come learn how to make sprouting work for you and taste a wide array of dishes made with sprouts.

Exercise Balls Workouts for Moms

Learn 10 things you can do in your home each day to improve your health, strength, and stamina!

Babywearing 101

Wearing your baby in a sling, mei tai, structured carrier, wrap, or pouch makes mothering a million times easier. Come learn how to use these contraptions to free up your hands, lighten your load, and help your baby feel secure.

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga combines laughter with yoga breathing exercises for a one-hour workout session that includes 30 minutes of laughter. “Laughter truly is the best medicine,” says Anne Timpany, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and leader of the laughter sessions. “We all know that laughing feels good, and now scientific research is revealing the full range of physical and mental health benefits that come from the practice of laughter.” Come and enjoy an hour session and just see if your stress level doesn’t decrease!

Knitting and Crocheting Circle

Beginners and experienced knitters and crocheters will come together to learn the basics, improve on their skills, or work on their current project. Sarah will be there from 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. teaching and sharing her stitching know-how along with her fabulous gentle spirit.

Freezer Meals

Come learn how to cook one day and have food for a month! Save time and money and always have dinner on hand when you need it on those busy days when the time to cook gets lost in real-life living.


Come and learn how to save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill each month! Rachel will teach us how to make it work for you on the things you buy already.

Calendula Super Skin Creme

Calendula, a plant that has been referred to as nature’s first-aid, has been used to heal skin for ages. Recommended for those with eczema and other skin sensitivities, it works wonderfully on diaper rash, minor cuts and scrapes, and on the face and body for replenishing extra-dry skin. Come and learn how to make it!

Fabric Flowers

Learn how to make flowers with fabric that you can use on dresses, purses, barrettes, or on headbands. Super cute!


Charting Your Cycle

Come and learn what your body is doing each day of the month and how to keep track of it all. Basal body temperatures, cervical fluid, and cervical position provide you with a wealth of knowledge you need to be able to properly schedule medical exams, start on medications, know when you can get pregnant, and what your hormones levels are. Absolutely essential information for every woman!

Intro to Essential Oils

Come and learn how and why essential oils work to improve health, provide emotional support, decrease pain, and treat infections. Learn about the top five oils every home should have on hand and how to use them.


On top of all these fabulous classes, we will have some Cricut Cutting Machines set up all day long. You may bring your own paper and cut to your heart’s delight. Make your Christmas cards, a paper doll dress-up set, baby announcements, scrapbooking pages, and lots more!

For those of you with some holes in your schedule, we will also have a quilt set up to tie for the Humanitarian Center. Come and learn how to tie a quilt, put in some stitches, and go home knowing you just helped make a blanket for someone in need!

If you cannot attend, but would like the patterns for the sewing projects and handouts from the classes, you may pay the entrance fee of $15 and you can get them! Just email pattern sizes and handouts desires at Kat or me at and we will get you taken care of!


Yes, prizes!!! We will be giving fabulous prizes away all day long. You can earn tickets by registering early (the earlier you register, the more tickets you get!), registering a friend we did not invite (yes, invite your neighbors, sisters, friends, church members!), bringing food, teaching a class, or volunteering to be on the clean-up crew.

If you would like to donate a prize, please email Kat at or me at


Here is the menu for the day:

2:00 Snack

Fresh Fruit

6:00 Supper

Variety of Soups
Green Salads

8:00 Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Variety of Ice Creams
Strawberry Topping
Hot Fudge Topping
Caramel Topping

We have enough soups to feed everyone, but are still in need of everything else. If you would be willing to bring any of the above items, please email either Tracy or Kat and you will receive our endless love and gratitude!!


We will have some young ladies available to watch children on a limited basis. In leu of paying them, we are asking that you make an additional donation to Make It For Maggie. If you are need of babysitting, please let us know how many children and what ages so we can properly plan for them.

Late Registration

If you are one of those people who can’t make up their mind until the day of an event, you are in luck! We will be thrilled to have all of you procrastinators show up at the door and you can get in for $25. To get in for $15, please register and pay before October 30 or register TODAY and get lots of tickets for the prize drawing! The earlier you register the more tickets you get!


Did you notice the 6:00 time slot on the schedule? If not, go back up and look at it.

Drumroll : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Yes!!! We are having dinner entertainment provided by the inimitable Improv Underground. Laugh your heart out while eating scrumptious food!

If you would like to share a flyer to share with friends, neighbors, church members, family members, etc. Download flyer here and then share it with everyone you know!

Make It For Maggie is going to be amazing! We are so excited to offer it to our community and to be working together with all of you to make a difference in this world. Please join us for a day of fun, friendship, and fabulous food all while learning and loving together.

Laura and Jocelyn’s Jar

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Have you ever wondered the story behind those jars you see on the checkout stand at the grocery store? I’ve never given them too much thought. Sometimes I drop in a coin, many times I don’t. I’ll be dropping “more” into those jars after this!

Maggie’s cousins, Laura and Jocelyn, put out a jar at Macey’s.

Laura, the mom & Jocelyn, the daughter

We got it today, stuffed full of love.

What a beautiful idea. And, a terrific challenge for all of us to put a “little more love” in those jars we see at the checkout stand.

A Miracle at the Aunties Garage Sale!

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Good grief, we’re on a roll here. What’s been your best garage sale booty? I know, I’m the same, $300 makes me feel really successful. Well . . . what do you think about $1600? Yep, the Aunties did it! That’s over 10 dives for Maggie.

Aunt Linda, Maggie, Aunt Cindy

Whoever thought garage sale junkies were generous? Well, they are! And we had a steady stream of them all day.

Of course, Uncle Ricky would say, if you buy “that” I’ll give you “this” for real cheap! You should sell used cars Uncle Ricky!

Uncle Ricky, Cousin Miranda

We have to give a special shout-out to our other Aunt Cindy who bought a car vac for $400. Let me assure you, it wasn’t that nice. But, she is. She’s one of my two “queens of karma.”

Jack spent most of his time at the treat table. He said he didn’t, but the pink smear on his cheek gave him away.

Maggie and Mary enjoyed it all just hanging out in the hammock, which is still for sale . . .anyone, anyone?

Thank you everyone! You are amazing!

Grandma’s Dessert Fair Raises 7 Dives for Maggie!

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Whoa! Whoever heard of a bake sale bringing in over $1000? Nobody but GRANDMA can do it.

Actually, Grandma can do anything. She’s amazing, and magical, and gingerbreadie, and always shows up to go for walks at just the right time. Grandma decorates the most beautiful Christmas tree’s in the whole world. You can spend all season looking and not be able to see all the ornaments on her tree. And the lovely thing is that each has it’s own special story and memory.

When we walked into Grandma’s Dessert Fair it was like walking into the Hansel and Gretel story, only the witch is wonderful!

Pictures cannot adequately describe the avalanche of pies, crumbles, tarts, crisps, cookies and brownies . . . just to name a few.

If you didn’t manage to make it you have permission to cry yourself a river of lost pink sprinkle dreams. Ah well, there’s always Maggie’s Ball on the 26th!

Thank you, Grandma, for making such a raving success possible!

By the way, if you care at all about your children’s education, or just want to be a better parent check out Grandma’s, aka The Closet Coach, website at If you want to get a $9.95 unforgetable taste of what The Closet Coach does, click HERE.

Aunties Salt Lake Garage Sale

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Maggie’s Aunts are having a Maggie’s Month garage sale this Saturday, October 16.

There will be tons of cool items like:

Appliances, Furniture, Clothes, Holiday Decorations, Dishes, FUN ten cent and quarter items for the little ones, and much, much more.

We will also be selling Maggie’s Cards, and yummy stuff to snack on.

Here’s the details

When: Saturday, October 16

Time: 8 am – 1 pm

Where: Aunt Linda’s home 5798 So Garner Court (4650 West) Turn in from 4800 West

See you there!

Love, Aunt Cindy & Aunt Linda