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She’s With Me . . .

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A dear friend just shared this beautiful song by Collin Raye. It’s such a beautiful telling of how we feel about Maggie, of how every parent feels about their special needs child.

Here’s the song. Click HERE if you can’t see the video below.

And, here’s Collin’s story. Haley died this April.

“She’s With Me” is a tribute to my granddaughter, Haley,  very, very special – and very ill with a neurological condition that no one’s been able to diagnose, and it’s regressive … for six years, I’ve been having this in my heart. It’s very hard to write about things like this, because nothing is ever good enough for her, and it’s hard to put into words how you feel.

The idea of “She’s With Me” struck me about a year or so ago. Thinking in this life she can’t do anything for herself. She comes and goes because she’s with me, and then I related it to the after life thinking, well, if I’m lucky enough to ever be standing in front of the Lord or St. Peter … maybe, she’ll be standing there and say, “Well, it’s okay, because he’s with me.”


Greater Love Hath No Child Than This . . .

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Here is a letter we just received from an anonymous family . . .

“Dear Maggie,

“When we got the email from your mom we all looked at your website and then gathered as a family to talk about it. We all voted to do something, but it was difficult to decide what. We had so many ideas, but Mom and Dad were worried about time.

“Finally, the idea was proposed that we give you the money in our swing set savings bucket. For the past few years we have kept a 5-gallon bucket that we put all our spare change in in hopes of saving enough money to buy a swingset. If you get all your treatments, maybe you will be able to play on a swing set some day.

“We know the Lord will bless us for helping you and maybe we can build a swing set as a family project. We are praying for you.”

If Christ were looking for a modern day parable I think that this is it.

To us as adults He has said this, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)”

To a child he might say, “Greater love hath no child than this, that a child lay down his swing set for his friends.”

It makes me weep just typing this.

Dear little children, someday Maggie and I will reminisce on this story as we swing and Maggie touches the clouds with her toes. We commit to building a swing set for someone somewhere in honor of your gift to us.

We love you.

We Got Our 80! Where Do We Go From Here?

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Maggie fell out of her little high chair a few days ago onto the kitchen floor. She got a big buster of a fat lip and some seriously hurt feelings. It was a final wake up call for me that Maggie has out grown all the seating options made for infants and toddlers. We can’t avoid it any longer. Patient little thing, she’s suffered long enough.

This realization came on the cusp of finally making our goal of raising 80 dives and still Maggie’s cup is running over as people are continuing to send in their Maggie’s Month efforts.

We wanted you to know specifically what the funds over and above the 80 dives will be doing for Maggie.

We have four items that we’re going to be focusing the remaining funds on.

1. A New Seating System Because Maggie spends much more time sitting than a typical child we’ve worked hard to find just the right seating system for her. A seating system means that the seat is designed to give more service than a typical chair or stroller. We’ve looked for something that will give Maggie the maximum comfort, proprioceptive feedback (helps her be more aware of her positioning), and adjustment functions. The seating system we’ve chosen is a cutting edge system from Germany called the Thevo Twist. The Twist has two bases, an indoor base and a stroller base. We’ll be moving from our $20 Combi stroller to a chair that costs  about $5,500. But it’s worth it–no more fat lips for Maggie. We’ve got your back, little girl–literally!

2. Anat Baniel Method (ABM) Through our research of what other parents have found most helpful for their children with cerebral palsy, we’ve recently run across a therapy called the Anat Baniel Method. “The Anat Baniel Method for Children (ABM) is scientifically based. The practitioner of this method uses gentle, innovative techniques to help the brain of the brain injured child form new neural connections and patterns that take the child beyond their current limitations. While it is a process, the changes begin happening right away and are often quite dramatic.” Click HERE to read articles and see video of the Anat Baniel Method in action. Doing ABM and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy together proves to be very exciting!

3. The Taos Walker Watch how excited Maggie gets at the opportunity to get upright and moving. Click HERE if you can’t see the video below.

The Taos Walker is an amazing new walker that will give Maggie the ability to move from her seated and prone world into the world of the walking. The terrific thing about the Taos is that it allows for “hands free” movement which is not available with virtually any other walker. Maggie would be the first one in Utah to get a Taos. Well, someone had to wear the first pair of Hush Puppies didn’t they? Make sure you check out some of the video on the TAOS SITE. Watching the faces of these children will give you your dose of joy for the day.

4. Touch Screen Computer We had a generous donor recently purchase a touch screen adapter for Maggie. Unfortunately we don’t have a computer for it. Good grief, who doesn’t have a working computer? Doug and I both have lap tops, and this screen requires a PC desktop set up. Do people still use those? Just kidding, all you lap top haters. Maggie will be so happy to get this working. She’s just dying to get her hands on a computer she can use!

We’ll just go as far as we can with what blessings rain upon us, and the deluge has been significant. We couldn’t have imagined that Maggie’s Month would become so inspiring to so many. Thank you everyone, thank you so much.

Dress Up for Maggie-Arizona Style

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Our dear friends, the Keppners, hosted a Dress up for Maggie Halloween party in Arizona. This looked like a hhoowwwlling good time! Thanks everyone for having such a great party for us!



Maggie’s Holiday Gift and Craft Boutique

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Take the pressure off of your holiday shopping, AND support Maggie’s Month!

Come to Maggie’s Holiday Gift and Craft Boutique

Adult and children gifts, holiday decorations, home decor and more!

Saturday November 20th

10:00 am – 2:00 pm

500 E. 1933 S. in Salt Lake City

To donate items please call Mariana at 801-463-7865.

Send our Smilebox invitation to your friends! Maggie’s Holiday Gift and Craft Boutique Invitation

Make it for Maggie–A WILD Weekend in Idaho!

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I could not have reported this event any better than my dear, dear friend Tracy. You can read her original account at Wet Oatmeal Kisses. She and Kat were the inspiration, the perspiration, and the determination behind this incredible weekend. I cannot adequately express my thanks for such a gracious, generous, and just darn fun time.

Not only was the event a raving success, I was personally fed and rejuvenated by spending such a delightful weekend in Tracy’s gracious hostess hands. Thank you, Tracy and Kat, for filling my “mama bucket.”

Enjoy the read!


Make It For Maggie was a huge success! Our goal was to raise money for seven dives for Maggie, bring our community together in service, and to help people learn skills and information that will bless their lives.

We did all three!

Through the great generosity of many, many people we were able to raise almost $1700 for Maggie. Isn’t that amazing! I am so blessed to be surrounded by people of goodness, people who are willing to share themselves with others, people who are willing to give and give some more.

The women who came together at Make It For Maggie made new friends, learned new skills, laughed, cried, and loved. It was a wonderful day of delicious food, inspiring classes, huge smiles, gushy hugs, and lots of laughter.

Although we were exhausted by the end of the day, we were also filled with joy from head to toe. I am so glad Kat and I decided to create Make It For Maggie. It was a wonderful experience that has blessed more lives than just Maggie’s.

My favorite parts?

1. Listening to the Laughter Yoga class giggle themselves silly.




2. Watching my friend Laura teach how to make her signature Mexican tortillas, beans, and salsa.


3. Listening to everyone have a great conversations during dinner.


4. Mary Beth enjoying a soup so much she demanded to know who made it and what the recipe was.

5. My little sister learning how to get her baby into a sling.

6. The plethora of hugs I received during the day.

7. Kat’s dad doing the jobs of about 50 people and doing them fabulously well.

8. Seeing Anna give Maggie a doll that looks just like Maggie and then seeing Maggie love on that doll for the rest of the time they were here.


9. Smelling the deliciousness of the essential oils class.

10. Seeing Sarah teach a group of little girls how to knit.

11. Seeing the excitement in everyone’s eyes as they learned about raw foods, sprouting, freezer meals, calendula creme, cracker making, marinara sauce, sewing, and green smoothies.




12. Drinking Liz’s green smoothie of utter deliciousness mid-afternoon when I needed an energy boost.

13. Eating the best graham cracker of my life – thanks Carol!

14. Watching everyone laugh during the Improv Underground Dinner Show.

15. Watching Liz scream and shake her booty when she was announced as the raffle winner for a Family Photo Shoot by Moments by Tyra Photography (unfortunately all that screaming scared Miss Maggie).

16. Giving Jodie and Maggie a pile of cash to fund Maggie’s treatments and seeing the joy on everyone’s faces as they realized that each of us was part of something amazing.


Jodie, Maggie, Mary, and Jodie’s mom, Mary Ann, spent the night at our home (along with my mom, Mikelle, and Easton, and Camille, Abigail, and Eve!) and attended church with us. We had so much fun trying on baby carriers, designing options for Maggie to be carried more comfortably, reading books, eating granola and smoothies, coloring my hair, and watching all the children playing together.

Ignore my half-closed eyes…IMG_6169


Some firsts for Maggie happened right here in my home! Maggie stood up for several seconds by herself! She sat up by herself! She colored with a marker by herself! These are all new things and I am sure the nine dives she has had so far are the reason why. It is so super-exciting to be a witness to the transformation of Miss Maggie!

Annesely and Maggie…aren’t these two girlies adorable!


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. Thank you for sharing your money, your food, your time, and most of all your hearts.

Jodie here again . . . I just have to add one more picture of a sweet moment. When I arrived at Tracy’s house after the event I brought Maggie into the room we’d be sleeping in. Right behind us came Sadie, the family dog. She immediately nuzzled into Maggie’s neck and flopped down on her feet. It was obvious that she sensed that there was something different about Maggie, and she was to be extra gentle and attentive. She was very sweet and patient as Maggie tried to pet her but kept pulling her hair instead. Such a sweet duo.

Maggie and Sadie

Maggie’s Medieval Faire and Benefit Play

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Come one, Come all to

Maggie’s Medieval Faire and Benefit Play

Friday, November 12, 2010

Clearfield Community Church

200 S. 500 E in Clearfield, UT

Medieval Market Opens at 6:00

Crafts!          Treats!          Medieval Fare!

“The Legend of King Alfred” and “Three Wishes”

Presented at 7:00 by

The Queen’s Very Own Traveling Troupe of Players

Special Appearance by the

Society for Creative Anachronism

Suggested donation: $10 per family