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Learning For Maggie & Baking For Maggie = Potatoes For Maggie!

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“Faith Like Potatoes” is one of our favorite movies. It’s about having faith that God will provide even when his work is unseen until the harvest. The plants may look dead and dying, but when you drive your hands into the soil you’re going to come up with potatoes!

The night before Learning for Maggie we had 15 registrants. Of course we were surprised that such a cool event didn’t bring in the numbers we expected. But Doug and I felt confident that we’d been guided to plant this “field of potatoes” and our harvest would be successful, somehow, someway.

Give this a thought for just a moment. With the $20 entrance fee and the number of people registered for the event, we should have raised $300. But when Doug and I counted the harvest of donations we were absolutely astounded that Maggie was gifted almost $2000. Where did that come from? That is called POTATOES!

I regret to say that we were so occupied by running the event that not one single picture was taken. (Put that on the “delegate” list for next year!) Which is a shame because it turned out so beautifully, and results in a rather dull blog post. But as an overview, we had six hours of learning with 27 classes to choose from. Our teachers were completely fabulous, seriously, I’m not exaggerating. We had a deliciously successful pot luck lunch and a raving fun silent auction. You simply MUST put this on your list of “events I can’t miss” next year.

For those of you at the lunch who were disappointed, along with us, that our video presentation didn’t work. Click HERE for the blog post about the videos of the specific therapies we’re fundraising for. Click HERE for the video of the song “She’s With Me” that Colin Ray wrote for his special needs granddaughter.

(imagine pictures here)

Baking For Maggie was just a few days later.

Baking For Maggie

We had handfuls of generous friends bring beautiful and delicious goodies, and a few brave souls were willing to stand out in the cold to help run the event, although we were blessed with the best day in all of November!

Aunt Cindy’s rolls were the first to go. The pies were next. In fact, we couldn’t even get set up before almost all our pies and rolls were gone. Our dear friend Johnny Hughes went home and baked another pie and brought it later that afternoon; it was snatched up in a matter of minutes. We had platefuls of cookies for “make your own dozen,” jams, mints, candies, popcorn balls, gingerbread houses, caramel apples, hot chocolate, sweet breads, and cupcakes.

Of course we can’t forget to thank our new dear friend, Paul, the owner of Midas both in Sugarhouse and on 45th and State, for allowing us to have Baking For Maggie on his prime real estate parking lot. There wasn’t a better corner in all of Salt Lake City!

Thank you, Midas!

Are you ready to dig your hands into the bake sale soil and harvest potatoes once again? Yep, can you believe it? Our Baking For Maggie made $1000! Remarkable.

We had so much fun doing Learning For Maggie and Baking For Maggie that we think they will become annual events.

Doug and I were worried about the success of Maggie’s Month this year. We sponsored it too late in the year, too close to the holidays, and it has been a hard financial year(s) for so many. We even doubted if we should have Maggie’s Month at all. However, we just couldn’t shake it from our hearts that it was the right thing to do for Maggie. If God said to plant our field of potatoes in a drought, then we would do it. All month our “plants” have looked dead and dying, but when the harvest came and we drove our hands into the soil, we pulled out . . . blessed potatoes.

As I think about Maggie when she is 20, and what needs to happen for our hopes and dreams for her to become a reality, I believe what Mr. “Faith Like Potatoes” himself, Angus Buchan, said about miracles is the perfect beginning to Maggie’s long and beautiful story.

“The condition for a miracle is difficulty, however the condition for a great miracle is not difficulty, but impossibility.” –Angus Buchan

May you have Faith Like Potatoes, and may your cellar runneth over with God’s harvest.

With Love,

Jodie & Doug Palmer

Maggie’s Mom and Dad