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I’m Here for a Reason!

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As we get ready to officially launch Maggie’s Month we want to highlight some wonderful special needs kids and their incredible parents. 99 Balloons is one of our  FAVORITE special needs stories. This story highlights the belief that we all have a purpose, a work to accomplish in God’s name, regardless of our abilities or length of time on Earth. Enjoy the sweetest little life–Eliot! If you can’t see the video below click HERE.

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Live An Outstanding Life!

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Dreams matter. Dreams are uniquely a human gift–to feel in our hearts that we were meant for something great, meant to give something outstanding to the world, to do something important.

Sometimes it seems that our dreams are impossible to attain, the roadblocks too overwhelming, the mocking too true, our purse too empty, our intelligence too lacking, our strength too weak. But, impossibility is what makes dreams so powerful, and the attaining of them so necessary for our hero hungry world.

Even those who are disabled have dreams that are worthy of pursuit. Here is a magnificent example of a hero who pursued his impossible dream. “Liu Wei, an astoundingly brave 23-year-old ‘China’s Got Talent’ contestant who at age 10 lost both of his arms in a freak electrocution accident, but still decided to pursue his dream of becoming a concert pianist–even after after one piano teacher told him he would never, ever succeed.” If you can’t view the video below click HERE.

“When Liu first auditioned, he delivered a brave and serious speech, declaring: ‘For people like me, there were only two options. One was to abandon all dreams, which would lead to a quick, hopeless death. The other was to struggle without arms to live an outstanding life.'”

Liu has lived an outstanding life. You can too! What are your dreams? Are you pursuing them? If your dream seems impossible, take heart, impossible dreams do come true. If you can’t view the video below click HERE.

Dreaming makes us human and pursuing our dreams is to really live. Maggie’s Month, and Family Philanthropy is about helping dreams come true.

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How to Run a Successful Fundraising Campaign for Your Special Needs Child (WORKSHOP RECORDING)

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(Workshop Handout & Recording at Bottom of Post)

Not having funding for what you need for your child is so . . . well, frustrating just isn’t descriptive enough! It tears your heart out to not know how to get whatever would improve your child’s quality of life. In trying to come up with our own “funding” solutions for totally out-of-pocket therapies we wanted for Maggie, we came up with the idea of Maggie’s Month.

Maggie’s Month is an annual fundraiser held every September to raise money for Maggie’s unique needs. This is a different sort of fundraising idea than simply asking people for money. It’s been terrifically successful, not to mention fun!

Maggie & Mom 6 Years Ago

I’m not a fundraising guru or expert, I’m just a mom determined to FIND A WAY! Because Maggie’s Month has been so successful, and I want to help other parent’s find a way to get what they need for their own children, I’ll be hosting a webinar sharing everything I’ve learned about successful fundraising for a special needs child. I’ve got lot’s of strategies to share, tons of ideas, technical advice, and will give ALL the resources found on Maggie’s Month for FREE.

Maggie’s Month is an idea that’s easily replicated. You can do this, on a big or a small scale. And, it can give you some financial freedom from what the school system, insurance, medicaid or other systems will approve for your child.

I’m invested in your fundraising success! I want to help you find AN ADDITIONAL WAY to get your child what they need to build an independent, meaningful and as joyful a life as possible. The recording and handout for this workshop is below.

Jodie Palmer


Download the Class Handout How to Run a Successful Fundraising Campaign Reference Handout

Download Class Recording How to Run a Successful Fundraising Campaign RECORDING