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A Birthday Present

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Maggie is the hardest person on the Earth to choose a present for. Seriously. First of all, I don’t know what she’s dreaming about playing with in her head. What does this little girl want? Second of all, access is a huge issue. What can she play with? How much support will she need to play with it?

The truth is, Maggie doesn’t get a lot of opportunity to really play and use the toys she’s been given. Not in the same way her brother’s and sister get anyway. Any gift giving season for Maggie is often accompanied by a feeling of burden and sorrow because of these challenges.

However, I’m not sure that Maggie feels the same. She’s a joyful child, and just getting to unwrap something is full of wonder and satisfaction for her. That is a remarkable gift in itself-just joy in being.

Maggie’s 7th birthday is coming up on the 15th of June. I’ve been thinking about it early because I want this birthday to be something better for her. In part that means the right gift. And this year, I think I’ve got it!

Mission Musketeer

Mission Musketeer

The Mission Musketeer Tricycle

2013 is bike year. Jack is getting a new (used) Spider Man bike with real pedals. Mary will inherit Jack’s old balance bike. Ben will get something to push around as he toddles through the yard. And Maggie? I think a bike is just the thing for her too!

The challenge is that the right bike for Jack cost $5 from our local classified website. The right bike for Maggie costs $1,000. However, $1,000 is worth giving a child an opportunity to engage in one of the great rights of passage of childhood–riding a bike. Just envision Maggie whizzing around the block with her siblings and friends.

Wish Maggie a happy 7th birthday by joining the effort to get her her bike. We’ll send you a video of her maiden voyage as a thank you. You won’t want to miss that super smile.

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