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Safety Kids for Maggie’s Month

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Safety Kids

This weekend Maggie and I went to one of the best plays we’ve ever seen. Seriously.

It was Safety Kids, presented by the Paul and Dooley children.

They’ve been planning this surprise for Maggie’s Month for weeks and weeks.

These Safety Kids range from ages 4 to 9.

Safety Kids on stage

There were perfectly memorized lines, incredible singing with solos, AND dancing.

Even the littlest littles got involved by painting heartfelt pieces of art to sell as the audience entered for $.50 each.

Safety Kids art

Safety Kids taught, through song and story, five of the Safety Kid rules.

1. Learn Your Telephone Number

2. Go with a Buddy

3. When You’re Lost, Look for a Mother With Children or a Grandma

4. Stay Out of Dangerous Places

5. Stay Outside of My Personal Line

In the end, these children raised over $300 for a cause that they cared about, and taught a fabulous message.

Thanks, Safety Kids! You’re amazing!

safety kids money

If you’re interested in putting on your own Safety Kid play, HERE’S the link to the script.