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Thank you for your donation to Maggie’s Month!  Click the button below to send your donation via paypal. (Please see farther down this page for an explanation of how all donated monies are used.)

jar of money


*Paypal will retain approx $3.20 per $100 donated. If you prefer to avoid this fee you may send a check or money order to

Doug and Jodie Palmer, 4072 West Zodiac, Kearns, UT 84118


Maggie’s Month fundraising is designed around the concept of HBOT therapy and “dives” because this is an easy concept for potential donors to understand. Our annual fundraising goal is $20,000, which translates into approximately 135 HBOT dives. However, we will only use a portion of these funds for actual HBOT dives. We typically try to do 80 dives per year. The remaining monies will go towards the Anat Baniel Method sessions, special equipment, specialist evaluations, possible travel costs for therapies at a distance, and minor fees to keep the Maggie’s Month website going.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments

Anat Baniel Method Sessions

The TAOS Walker

The Thevo Twist chair

iPad with accessories

iPad Repair

Education E-books

Proloquo2Go Communication App for the iPad

iPad Wheelchair Mount

Intensive Speech Therapy

Big Blue Blue Tooth Keyboard

Special IPad Stylus

Noise Cancelling Earmuffs

Physical & Occupational Therapy Consultations

Minor Travel Costs to Horse Therapy

Minor Webpage Costs

Maggie Going into an HBOT Dive

Special thanks to the philanthropic contributions of Charlie Pabst from Charfish Design for his fabulous Maggie’s Month header, and Abe Fawson from GoodFront for his expertise in WordPress.

Taos Walker

Doing Dishes in the Taos Walker with Jack

The Thevo Twist Chair

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