Fundraising Ideas

What can your family do to raise $150 to sponsor a dive for Maggie? First, sit down as a family and decide how much money your family would like to donate at the end of Maggie’s Month. Then brainstorm ways that everyone can contribute. It might be fun to have a special activity where everyone decorates a Maggie’s Month jar where all of the funds gathered throughout the month can be stored. It’s fun to watch the jar fill up and then count it together at the end. Here are some ideas to get your brainstorming started.

1. EXTRA BABYSITTING Children who are old enough can contribute by soliciting extra babysitting jobs throughout the month.

2. EXTRA CHORES Parents can determine what chores could be done over and beyond the regular daily family work and attach a $ amount to each chore.

3. THE BEAN JAR For children that are quite young you can use the Bean Jar. The Bean Jar works like this, each time someone is caught doing something good, being obedient, choosing to be happy, loving or kind, or going above and beyond they are rewarded with a bean in the jar. The objective is to catch each other as often as possible so that as many beans can be earned as possible. Everyone can participate. Each bean is worth a penny, or a nickle, or whatever you decide. At the end of Maggie’s Month count up the beans and everyone can celebrate their contribution. The Bean Jar is a great family system that you might want to continue. You can decide on your favorite charity to donate the funds to or you can plan a special family party each time the jar fills up.

4. WORK FOR NEIGHBORS Solicit yard work, cleaning out a garage, walking dogs or any other work that the neighbors might need done.

5. BAKED GOODS Hold a bake sale in conjunction with a garage sale, or pull a wagon around the neighborhood filled with fresh bread for sale.

6. GARAGE SALESolicit donations from your neighbors or community and hold a big garage sale.

A Maggie's Month Garage Sale

7. SPARE CHANGE At the end of the day everyone dumps their spare change in the Maggie’s Month jar.

8. CAR WASH Hold a car wash at a location that agrees to donate the water costs.

9. LEMONADE STAND Build a simple lemonade stand and sell drinks and treats on a prominent corner on Saturdays.

10. EXTENDED FAMILY CHRISTMAS If your extended family usually sends a Christmas gift request that they make a donation to Maggie’s Month this year instead.

11. GET OTHER PEOPLE INVOLVED Your family could reach a higher fundraising goal by determining to get other families to participate in Maggie’s Month.

12. READ-A-THON Solicit family and friends to commit to contribute a certain amount of $ per page read. This is a really fun, and double valuable project to do with your friends. Help Maggie AND learn stuff too! Here are all the forms you’ll need to hold a successful read-a-thon. Maggie’s Month Read-a-Thon Instructions, Maggie’s Month Read-a-Thon Book Goals, Maggie’s Month Read-a-Thon Books Read, Maggie’s Month Read-a-Thon Pledge Sheet, Maggie’s Month Read-a-Thon Flyer

13. A MAGGIE PARTY Throw a fall party with an entrance fee. Have potluck food, games and face painting.

14. HOST A SUPER SATURDAY Get inspired by Tracy Ward and Katherine Jensen’s fabulous idea of Make It For Maggie, or Learning For Maggie. A “super Saturday” is a day full of classes that people pay an entrance fee to attend. It’s a terrific win/win! In fact, Make It For Maggie has become an annual event where both Maggie and a local special needs recipient benefit. Check it out here. is a terrific solution for your registration process.

15. GIVE A SICK DAY–GIVE A BETTER LIFE Give a Sick Day–Get a Better Life is a Maggie’s Month campaign designed for the work place. The idea is simple. Coworkers come together and donate (1) one sick day each, then your employer donates the money to Maggie’s Month. We’ve created a Give a Sick Day Campaign Flyer that you can print and share with your employer and coworkers.

Here’s a Maggie’s Month General Flyer that you can print and share.

Special thanks to the philanthropic contributions of Charlie Pabst from Charfish Design for his fabulous Maggie’s Month header, and Abe Fawson from GoodFront for his expertise in WordPress.

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