My Therapies

I have to confess my contradictive life as Maggie’s mom. Sometimes I feel so strong and sure about my decisions for her, like a full-blooded lioness protecting my young. And sometimes I wonder if I’m making huge mistakes, if my intuitions and decisions are just simple craziness that will result, at best, in “less” for my daughter, and at worst, her suffering, now or later.

Wheelchair? Floor? Walker? Braces? Public school? Home school? Medications? Surgery? Traditional therapy? Alternative therapy? Stomach tube? Pediasure? Mama’s magical formula? Special education? Extraordinary education? Communication tool? Now? Never? Wait? Later? Can I do it? Do I, will I know?

My questions are not so different than your questions for your own children. We all worry that we’ll make the right choice, that our inevitable mistakes won’t be too detrimental to their future. That ultimately, in all our weaknesses, we’ll be enough to give them what they need to make their own beautiful life.

This brings us to “Why Maggie’s Month?”

Maggie’s Month is all about providing Maggie with opportunity and ability.

We are often asked, rather than focusing on traditional physical and occupational therapy, why we are working so hard for Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments and the Anat Baniel Method?

There are very few guarantees in this life, but our parent intuition is leading us to give great focus to these two therapies. We wanted to share with you, in part, why.

Here are a few stories about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), and the Anat Baniel Method that are so inspiring. We want to engage you in sharing our hopes for Maggie’s future. Watch . . . and just imagine.

ANAT BANIEL METHOD VIDEO (7 min. well worth it)

HBOT VIDEO 1 (3.5 minutes)

HBOT VIDEO 2 (45 seconds)

Thank you for allowing us to share our intimate hearts and hopes. Thank you for joining with us to make another persons life blossom with possibility.

However, the real take-away message here isn’t just about Maggie. It’s that as parents we all wear a mantle, a mantle that gives us a claim and right to intuition, inspiration, even miracles. As we put that mantle on, and as we become clearer about our intentions as parents, we can be sure that, despite our weaknesses (which are many) resources will appear, opportunities will be presented, doors will be opened, miracles will be accomplished, and even more importantly, personal transformation will occur so that we really can do this amazing thing called parenting. You and I . . . we can do this.

If you’re interested in more detailed information about HBOT click HERE.

If you’re interested in more detailed information about the Anat Baniel Method click HERE.



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